The Kaa Media - metadata binding for python


The Kaa Media Repository is a set of python modules related to media.

Kaa modules are based on parts from Freevo and modules created for MeBox.
Kaa exists to encourage code sharing between these projects, and to serve as
an umbrella for several previously disparate media-related modules in order
to make them available from one (unique) namespace. Kaa provides a base module
that implements the common features needed for application development, such as
mainloop management, timers, signals, callbacks, file descriptor monitors, etc.
Kaa's other modules provide specific media-related functionality, such as
retrieving metadata on arbitrary media files (kaa.metadata, previously
called mmpython), Python wrappers for Imlib2, Xine, and Evas, and many other
high level APIs for easily creating applications that deal with video and

Kaa is named after the python in the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.


License: GPLv2+

Vendor: Philippe Troin <>


python-kaa-metadata-0.7.5- [278 KiB] Changelog by Philippe Troin (2009-07-05):
- Fix inverted rotation in EXIF JPG images.